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Green Eyes

The Whip Trilogy Pt.1

By Tijana Popov-Trnovac

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He was running again, white puffs of air escaping his wheezing lungs.
It was night time and the air was freezing, making him tremble in the flimsy clothes that did nothing to shelter him from the howling wind.
Cold rain droplets splashed across his face and combined with pitch darkness of the forest, made it even harder to see where he was going.
His lungs hurt almost unbearably, as he desperately tried to breathe through the pain in his aching body; the wound in his stomach pulsing with each step that he took.
All that was going through his mind at that moment as he ran faster than he ever did before was the need to keep going and get away as fast as he could; from that house, from them, from Him.
And then, he was suddenly on the ground, his nose connecting harshly with a tree root, as big hands wrapped around his ankles and started to pull him back to where he had come from.
Dean wanted to scream and beg for them to let him go but there was no sound coming out of his mouth as the darkness swallowed him whole.

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