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By Sandra Golden

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Ten generations ago

Ten ships had been built for this journey to their new home. The journey would be a long one, and even if they could, they would never return. So the ships were loaded with everything they would need to survive the journey, all that they needed to build their new homes, and much, much more. They would make stops along the way to gather supplies, and to record and collect as much scientific data they could before they reached their final destinations. The ten ships were so large that they each could comfortably transport a population of more than 25,000 people, and each was filled to capacity. The ships themselves were four miles long, and three miles wide, and twenty stories high, they operated with a very advanced, powerful engine, a state of the art computer system, and could travel the great distances that was required of them with ease.

Each ship had a Captain and crew that maintained the ship, the Captain was also their appointed Guardian or the person whom they recognized as their leader. The ten Guardians would gather, or come together as their governing body and make the major decisions that concerned the population. Being a Guardian was not an elected position, it was an inherited one with each Guardian accepting their position at a young age. They were chosen when they exhibited extraordinary skills and knowledge, and a giving and compassionate nature. Each Guardian took over the duties of the previous one, when that Guardian retired at the age of 65.

It had taken two generations to build the ships themselves, and prepare for this journey. A journey they knew they had to make. An unendurable sickness affected their home; they had named this hardship “Black Cell Disease” or BCD for short. BCD was introduced into their world by an evil being who thrived in dead environments. It wanted their home, and there was nothing to stop it. Their best scientists had finally discovered the cure, but it was too late for them to use it. They would take the cure with them, and if the time came when it was needed the right person would know where to find it, and how to use it. BCD had taken generations to destroy their environment, which gave their community time to plan their escape.

Black Cell Disease turned living healthy cells in plants, animals and all living creatures black by robbing them of all their oxygen, and thus turning the cells black. Eventually this destroyed tissue, then whole organs. It was a long and painful death for that which hosted BCD. It spread slowly, but eventually it would destroy everything, including the air they breathed, and the water and food they needed for survival. Finally the evil entity would swoop in and take all that was left. This was the reason they had to leave.

This was the reason they had to travel great distances to find a home in which they could thrive. A home that was similar to theirs, but different; a much younger place, where the inhabitants weren't as knowledgeable as themselves, or as accepting of outsiders as they were, but they would change that. Others had traveled there before them and had prepared for their arrival. Now the time had come to say good-bye, the evil was upon them.

The ten Captains, or Guardians, stood at the helms of their ships watching the horizon as the darkness started swallowing up the once beautiful blue sky. The ships were ready, yet it was hard to say good-bye to your home, a home you shall never see again except in your memory, or with pictures that would be a precious reminder of where they had come from.

Every person was accounted for, and securely housed on their assigned ship. They had managed to make room for their entire population. Not a living soul would be left behind. Each person was valued, life was valued. It was thanks to generations of careful planning that made this journey and their survival possible. Everyone aboard knew their place, their job, and their responsibilities. It would take many months before they reached their new home. Their ten ships would become a home where they lived, worked, and learn and played. Together they would accomplish the dreams of their fathers, and their fathers before them. They would be safe, and they would save others.

The big receiving doors were closed and it was time to leave. The power to the ships had now been activated and the ten Guardians embraced their roles as Captains, together they ordered the launching of the ten ships. Everyone stood by the huge viewing windows to say a final good-bye to their home. Once a beautiful paradise, now, it was just a vast wasteland void of life. Emotions were mixed, and confusing. They mourned the loss of what they had, and most let tears fall silently down their cheeks, yet they still embraced the excitement of venturing to a new place, the pride in realizing that together they had made their dreams come true, now their people would thrive, and new generations would be born and continue on with their work. When they could no longer see their home they let out a loud joyful cheer, embracing each other, and the new life they were headed towards.

A few days before they were to set out on their journey the Captain of the lead ship had a secret mission. When the control room had been void of personnel the Captain hid a large amount of the antidote for BCD in a special containment chamber that only he knew of. A chamber his father, now gone, had built into the presumably solid metal wall. Only one other person would know where the antidote rested, and that person would not be born for ten more generations. How did he know this? He knew this because of a machine that his father and others had built, a machine that had now been taken apart, and stored aboard the ships. A machine, which would not be assembled until “The One's” were old enough, wise enough, and able enough to use their special abilities to rebuild it. “The One's”, his elders told him would be two very special individuals, who would be born into a strong family unit, and they would one day have the knowledge and the power to unite their people with those from their new home. Together they would defeat the evil that lurked in the universe. Unity was their ultimate destiny, and Unity being the name his great-grandfather had chosen for his family.

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