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Spring Cleaning

By Natalie Nielson

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Flora forced her window open, past the lingering frost. She breathed in the crisp breeze filtering down from the enchanted tree above her little home. It was still a little too early, but Flora had already decided; she was starting spring cleaning.

With cool air sweeping into the little home, Flora was excited to prepare for her favorite time of year. Her winter wand was the first thing to be wrapped and placed safely in its rectangular box. Flitting to the highest cupboard in the strangely shaped room, Flora put the silver wand box away, pulling out the glittering pink box instead.

Landing gently at her work table, Flora carefully opened the box. She lifted the sparkling wand and smiled. A holographic flower appeared at the tip of the wand as Flora flicked it over her head. Her frosty outfit seemed to melt and transform into the leaf bodice and floral skirt she was most comfortable in.

The room brightened as the wand warmed the living walls, turning the hibernating grey into a rich brown. Little tendrils of vines and plants plumped up, turned green and stretched along the walls, sprouting little leaflets. Flora waved the spring wand at each of the windows, clearing the cloudy cold till each pane was crystal clear.

Flora took a moment to feel the sun filtering through the clean windows, then flew back to the work table. She swept the snowflake molds into a tote, and quickly switched them for the seed and flower molds. A final wave of the wand replaced the crystal dishes at the dining table with brightly colored porcelain.

The excited spring fairy flew along the walls, knocking, waking up the sleeping hibernators. Finally, she pushed the door open, picked up her bucket and flew out into the warming forest. Flying around the base of the enchanted tree, Flora picked a perfect spot of mud. She filled the bucket and looked up, satisfied at the bugs, spiders, and squirrels emerging from their winter hiding.

Taking the mud back inside, Flora poured the mud into the molds. She washed her hands and bucket in a patch of snow outside before she returned to her work table. Flora picked up her glittering spring wand, she let the bright magic ride the breeze around the room before she directed it to the molded mud.

The flowers lifted from the molds, sparkled into different colors and then melted into the seed molds. Another wave of the wand and Flora directed the seeds up, out of the molds. They floated in the air as the mud changed into a hard, woody texture, then trailed into the basket on Flora's arm.

Back outside, Flora left her springy home and began her route. With a trail of bright green grass peeking through the exposed mud, Flora flew around the forest, spreading the crafted seeds. Soon, it'd be spring.

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