New Authors Start here |


New Authors Start here

Welcome to! is run on the Craft content management system (CMS). It's designed for large-scale content and editorial work, so the Control Panel (CP) might be different than what you might be used to with other systems.

Quick start:

  1. Fill out your bio by going to your Profile page. Get help.
  2. Create a new Entry by clicking on Entries » New Entry. Get help.
  3. Fill out each field. Make sure to go through each tab (Front matter, Story, Meta Data).
  4. When you're ready to go, click Save draft and submit for review.
  5. Oops! If you forgot a field or want to change something, click Revoke Submission and then resubmit for review.
  6. Pour yourself a delicious drink and then get back to what's important: writing your next big thing. We'll let you know when your Entry goes live or if something is amiss.

Social media tip: In the Meta Data tab, add a Social Media asset. Because doesn't showcase covers, this is a great way to add some eye candy when your entry is shared on social channels.

Marketing tip: If you want your users to do something after they read, add a Call to Action button. This will appear at the end of your Entry.

Still not finding what you need? Shoot us an email: