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How to submit an entry for review

At, we want to ensure the highest quality work is showcased and therefore review each and every submission. (See our Community Standards for details.)

Because it's hard to envision what your story might look like on the site, we have a Preview button to see what each field will do when it contains content.

  1. Log in and go to
  2. Click on the red New Entry on the top right
  3. Enter in your Title
  4. Add a Description of fewer than 250 characters. This will appear on any index page (home, Popular, New, or a genre page) but not on your entry page itself. This is where your elevator pitch goes and is your chance to grab the reader's attention. If left blank, the system will automatically include the first 250 characters from the story.
  5. Subtitle - Most works won't have this, but here's an option if your story includes a subtitle.
  6. Series - If this book is part of a longer series, include the series title here.
  7. Epigraph - Most stories won't need this. This section is for those stories which include a quotation (e.g. a line of poetry) or other inscription to help set the tone for what follows. This is not a place for your elevator pitch, acknowledgements, or a dedication. This is part of the work itself.
  8. Chapter - Rather than including a chapter heading in the body of the text, the formatting is nicer if you include it here.
  9. Setting - This is optional and most stories won't include it. If, however, it's a vital part of the introduction to your story, feel free to include a brief line here.

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