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Frequently Asked Questions - Readers

Is this really free? It seems too good to be true.

Out of respect for the needs of our community -- many of whom are bootstrapping their writing careers -- aspires to be free to both readers and authors. To keep the lights on, we rely on affiliate links and future (optional) sponsorships.

What's the difference between Popular and Noteworthy?

The Popular section is based solely on community votes. The more people who read and upvote a certain work, the higher it will rank in the Popular section. (Is there a limit? Do they have to have a certain number of votes to get into the Popular section?) Noteworthy, however, is a distinction of moderators' choice. At least two moderators need to vote for a work for it to be given Noteworthy status. This identifies work of a higher caliber that deserves distinction, but might have otherwise gone unnoticed in the Popular section.

Why do I have to leave to finish the rest of the story?

Think of as a buffet where readers can get a sampling of all the offerings before committing to their favorites. When you click on a read more link, you'll be taken to whatever format the author has chosen to share their whole work with you. Please note that although we read each submission before it's published on, we don't read the entire work it represents. Once you leave our site,'s community standards no longer apply.

I've discovered a new author I'm excited about. How can I read more of their work?

Great! There are a few ways to do this. Depending on how they've set up their entry, you may be able to purchase their work from Amazon, go directly to their website, sign up for their newsletter, or connect with them on social media and Amazon.

What about a search bar and other features?

We have great plans for and hope to add a search bar and other features in the future. Please recognize that as this is a new site that's just beginning to grow, we hope to make improvements as time goes on.

I love! How can I help?

We hope to incorporate sponsorships in the future. But for now, the best way to help grow is sharing on social media and getting the word out to readers and writers alike.

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