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Frequently Asked Questions - Authors

Is this really free? It seems too good to be true.

Out of respect for the needs of our community -- many of whom are bootstrapping their writing careers -- aspires to be free to both readers and authors. To keep the lights on, we rely on affiliate links and future (optional) sponsorships.

Do you really read every submission?

Yes we do! Each submission is reviewed to determine if it meets the community standards, as well as to identify those which deserve to be promoted in the Noteworthy section. If our response time is not as fast as you'd like, please be patient! We want to give every submission the respect it deserves.

What's the difference between Popular and Noteworthy?

The Popular section is based solely on community votes. The more people who read and upvote your work, the more likely that you'll find yourself in the Popular section. Noteworthy, however, is a distinction of moderators' choice. At least two moderators need to vote for a work for it to be given Noteworthy status. This identifies work of a higher caliber that deserves distinction, but might have otherwise gone unnoticed in the Popular section.

Can I post something that's already been published?

That depends. Who owns the copyright? For starters, it must be your original work. But if you've sold the rights to a publisher, then you'll have to talk to them to get permission to publish on Depending on your contract, you might be able to publish a first chapter or a deleted scene that didn't make it into the finished product. But again, talk to your publisher. We don't offer legal advice for contract negotiations.

Why can't I post a picture of my cover art?

At we believe that the reader experience is improved when the work speaks for itself without a lot of visual clutter. We also don't want authors to feel pressured to produce cover art in order to compete for attention. For that reason, any uploaded cover art will appear at the end of the entry in conjunction with your Amazon links. You are also welcome to include it when you promote your submission on social media.

Why does my work have to be limited to 3000 words? is a format to showcase your best work, but not necessarily your whole work. 3000 words is ample space to introduce a reader to your writing and help them decide whether or not to read more. At that point, you can direct them to your website or Amazon links or however you would prefer they read more of your work. Our goal is to make the introduction. It's up to you how to proceed with developing the relationship!

Why did my work get rejected? aims to help discerning readers discover the best emerging fiction that might have been overlooked by publishers or other traditional institutions. In order to accomplish our mission, we must maintain a certain level of quality that is appropriate for a wide audience. Please review our community standards to better understand our expectations regarding the quality of the writing, offensive language, and adult themes. As always, please make sure you're submitting your best work.

Why won't you tell me what's wrong with my submission?

We don't have time to provide detailed feedback on each submission. But if there is a small issue that could be easily fixed (such as a formatting issue), we might bring that to your attention and suggest you resubmit your entry after resolving the problem. Otherwise, please review our community standards and look for more specific feedback from a writing group or editor.

If my work has been rejected before, can I submit my newest draft?

A common reason for work to be rejected from is basic errors in writing conventions. (Coherency problems, grammar errors, etc.) If your work has been rejected in the past, and you're unsure where it needs to improve, consider workshopping it with a writing group or having an editor review it. If you've reworked it and want to try again, please do! We aren't opposed to reviewing stronger versions of submissions that were previously rejected. This also goes for submissions which violate community standards regarding offensive language or adult themes. If you come back with a version which resolves those concerns, we'll happily review it again.

My work got accepted! Now what?

Congratulations! Share your excitement on social media and invite those within your network to upvote it on That will help it to receive more exposure as it rises in popularity, as well as helping the community to grow, which in turn benefits all contributors.

How do I take my story offline after it's published without deleting it?

If you no longer want a story of yours published on, but don't necessarily want to delete it entirely, click the green Enabled button in the sidebar for that entry to disable it.

What about a search bar and other features?

We have great plans for and hope to add a search bar and other features in the future. Please recognize that as this is a new site that's just beginning to grow, we hope to make improvements as time goes on.

I love! How can I help?

We hope to incorporate sponsorships in the future. But for now, the best way to help grow is sharing on social media and getting the word out to readers and writers alike.

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