Adding, editing and deleting social media links |


Adding, editing and deleting social media links

Your social links will appear at the bottom of each entry.

To add social media links, follow these steps.

  1. Visit (In the Control Panel, click on your profile in the top left and select My Account from the drop-down menu)
  2. Click the profile tab.
  3. Click one of the available social media buttons. (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  4. Paste in the entire URL of your social profile.

If you want your social media icons to appear in a specific order, you can rearrange them.

  1. Click and drag on the diamond icon on the right-hand sidebar
  2. Drag up or down as needed.
  3. Click Save

To disable or delete a social profile

Sometimes you want to save a link you've entered in, but don't want it displayed. In this case, you can disable it. If you want to completely delete it, you can do that as well.

  1. Click on the gear dropdown on the social media profile box
  2. Select Disable or Delete
  3. Click Save

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