Science Fiction

Supervillain High

By Gerhard Gehrke
1. Daddy Was a Bank Robber “See that guy there in the purple mask robbing the bank? That’s my dad.” Brendan stopped the video on his phone and waited for a reaction. Mr. Childes, his school counselor, nodded as if this was something he had heard before. The older man took his reading glasses off h ...
7 min.

The Follower

By M. K. Martin
I watch her sleep, her short bristle of hair twisted into sweaty knots. I can’t help her and it’s killing me. I lay down next to her, the heat baking off her in waves. I sigh and the dust puffs out, a few small dry leaves flap at me as if annoyed by the disturbance. Can’t you see we’re dying here? A ...
5 min.