Clean Romance

The Gentleman Physician

By Sally Britton
Chapter One January 10th, 1812 Nathaniel Hastings bit his bottom lip to keep from laughing while his patient, Lady Huntington, continued to spout nonsense about the reasons behind her various ailments. He knew very well nothing troubled her that a good conversation could not cure. “You are ...
26 min.

Rebel Mage: Awakening

By Ben Swallow
Is still in the middle of the night as I wake up. I frown as I look around. It is still dark and there is no one in my room. What woke me up, then? I was already falling back asleep when I heard a sound from outside the room. It sounded like clattering, as if someone was doing the dishes in the mi ...
8 min.

Fateful Italian Passion

By Olga GOA
Veronica didn’t expect that she would agree to a trip to Italy so quickly. She was tired of being under the constant scrutiny of her step-aunt, Henrietta, who was always taking care of her. But what could Veronica expect from the people who had abandoned her as soon as she let out her first cry afte ...
16 min.