Red Marks the Child, The Ankhs (Book 1)

By Amira Awaad
This desert land was exceptionally dear to me. Its warm sands resound in the drumming beats of my eye-lashes. The sultry wasteland engulfed fresh oases with water that was pure — it pulsed and it pulsated. It throbbed like the beating of a living heart — Pharaoh’s beating heart. It was the heart tha ...
11 min.

REN, The Asha Renu Series (Book 1)

By Amira Awaad
The ancients used to say that a spirit resides in everything. That all matter, living and inanimate, are gravitational channels of energy. They believed that some individuals were selected to encompass magnificent fragments of older souls. But unless all the components of the new soul were complete ...
6 min.