By Richard Fierce
“There has often been theological debate as to who, or what, is behind the forces of evil. No one is certain, but there is one thing everyone agrees upon: whatever it is, it certainly calls the Viss Mountains home. The feeling of evil there is palpable.”- from the Book of Faith INTRODUCTIONYear of t ...
3 min.

The Purse

By Dan Hahn
The smell of coffee lingered lightly from lunch as warm afternoon light streamed through the windows onto the linoleum topped table. Lorine sat with her purse open, engaged in the light conversation of old lovers. Yet Stanley hadn’t been in her life long, and certainly wasn’t, couldn’t be her lover. ...
13 min.

Deus Ex Mechina

By Zach McClellan
Chapter one: A Day in the Generic Life A dark figure crashed through the window of the saloon into the dusty street, releasing a grunt of pain. Jeers called out after him as he scrambled away. “Teach that slimeball a lesson, Sloan!” “He’ll think twice about cheating!” “Wow, he had to have flown ...
60 min.

Rebel Mage: Awakening

By Ben Swallow
Is still in the middle of the night as I wake up. I frown as I look around. It is still dark and there is no one in my room. What woke me up, then? I was already falling back asleep when I heard a sound from outside the room. It sounded like clattering, as if someone was doing the dishes in the mi ...
8 min.

Ultimas Drake

By MIchael Young
Meckule fidgeted in his ceremonial attire, wondering whose name he needed to curse for coming up with such fickle clothing. Not for the first time, he wished he had been born in the Dorian Clan instead of the Scarlatti. Then, he would have been brought up as a master of disguise, and there would be ...
48 min.