4. "The Emerald City" by Cassiopeia Fletcher | Verso.ink

4. "The Emerald City" by Cassiopeia Fletcher

4. "The Emerald City" by Cassiopeia Fletcher

Narrated by: Cassiopeia Fletcher

Episode #4 | 08.18.2020

How naïve he’d been! Growing up wasn’t just about cleaning things, it also meant going to the store on your own and crossing the big street by yourself and tripping and falling and getting bloody and forgetting money and being scolded and feeling dumb because you want to cry but you can’t because you’re grown up now and grown-ups. don’t. cry.

Today’s selection is more literary in nature, and focuses on a small boy making a big step in the world. The Emerald City is written by Cassiopeia Fletcher. After the story, you’ll get to hear our conversation about Joe, and Cassie's unique experience of writing through the eyes of a child.

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