8. "Dollie" by Miranda Renaé | Verso.ink

8. "Dollie" by Miranda Renaé

8. "Dollie" by Miranda Renaé

Narrated by: Miranda Renaé

Episode #8 | 10.13.2020

"This is Dollie." She adjusted the doll's dress. "She's nothing special. Old and maybe a bit creepy, but nothing special." She rubbed her finger across the doll's porcelain cheek.

"At least that's what her previous owners thought at first."

It’s October and for many of us that means carving pumpkins and sharing spooky stories as the nights get cooler. I have a chilling tale for you today from Miranda Renae. Dollie puts a different spin on your typical campfire ghost story, and if you keep listening after the story, you’ll get to hear the unusual way Miranda was inspired.

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