14. "Love Between Friends" by Deb Goodman | Verso.ink

14. "Love Between Friends" by Deb Goodman

14. "Love Between Friends" by Deb Goodman

Narrated by: Jeni Brockbank

Episode #14 | 02.16.2021

For a moment, their gazes locked. His face was Liam-cheerful, but there was something in his eyes, a searching.

They had a history—a pull of interlocking years. They’d been friends since the fifth grade. A dozen bits and pieces of memory coiled in her head—a flash of his gaze across the room at prom, laughing as she stole his favorite afghan when she was at his house watching a movie. All of it tumbled through her.

But she shrugged, not wanting to feel anything even remotely touchy-feely. He wasn’t hers, not really.

Love is in the air! It's February and I've got a special treat from one of our Verso.ink romance authors. Deb Goodman writes sweet romance with happily ever afters, and Love Between Friends is the first in her new Sweet Plum series. Check out the links to read more of Deb's work.

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