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12. "Cutthroat" by Crystal Brinkerhoff

12. "Cutthroat" by Crystal Brinkerhoff

Narrated by: Crystal Brinkerhoff

Episode #12 | 12.08.2020

Jane appraised the room. She chose the seat nearest her mother, not because she enjoyed the woman’s presence, but because that seat was nearest the window and would leave her brothers squinting against the afternoon light when they looked at her. She sat ramrod straight in her seat and left her hands folded neatly on the table in front of her. This was her power move. She was ready for war.

Crystal Brinkerhoff's Cutthroat is a humorous short story about the tension and posturing within a family who are gathered for the reading of a will. It's sure to bring a smile! Keep listening after the story for my interview with Crystal to learn where she got her inspiration.

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