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9. "Mistress Mary" by Caren Hahn

Narrated by: Caren Hahn

Episode #9 | 10.27.2020

She threw back the quilt and grabbed the doll. It was large and heavier than she expected, and just the weight of it demanded to be held close to her body. Snuggled.Cryst ...more ...

8. "Dollie" by Miranda Renaé

Narrated by: Miranda Renaé

Episode #8 | 10.13.2020

"This is Dollie." She adjusted the doll's dress. "She's nothing special. Old and maybe a bit creepy, but nothing special." She rubbed her finger across the doll's porcela ...more ...

7. "Red Wrath" by Gerhard Gehrke

Narrated by: Abby Gehrke

Episode #7 | 09.29.2020

We were out of the bar in minutes, him opening the door for me while trying to call up the closest ride on one of his apps. I didn’t let it show I was wishing he had a ca ...more ...

6. "Black Dragon" by Genevieve Ann Atwater Maxwell

Narrated by: Genevieve Ann Atwater Maxwell

Episode #6 | 09.15.2020

The gods were among them.And the gods were called dragons.Today's episode features our youngest author to date, Genevieve Ann Atwater. Enjoy the prologue and first chapte ...more ...

5. "Semper Romanus" by Christopher Jones

Narrated by: Carli Schofield

Episode #5 | 09.01.2020

Father gives a great cry, as of a wild boar spitted on a shaft of ash, and then he is still. I do not need the doctors to pronounce him dead. But I do need to know why my ...more ...

4. "The Emerald City" by Cassiopeia Fletcher

Narrated by: Cassiopeia Fletcher

Episode #4 | 08.18.2020

How naïve he’d been! Growing up wasn’t just about cleaning things, it also meant going to the store on your own and crossing the big street by yourself and tripping and f ...more ...

3. "DRIVEN" by The Behrg

Narrated by: Micah Mason

Episode #3 | 08.04.2020

They will call her Monster. Child killer. A seething psychopath. DRIVEN is a haunting yet highly empathetic piece that will leave you changed by the end of it. Keep liste ...more ...

2. "Supervillain High" by Gerhard Gehrke

Narrated by: Gerhard Gehrke

Episode #2 | 07.21.2020

“So, your father is one of these superheroes who dresses up and gets into a lot of trouble.”“Not a hero. One of the bad guys."Supervillain High is the first in Gerhard Ge ...more ...

1. "Tethered" by Crystal Brinkerhoff

Narrated by: Carli Schofield

Episode #1 | 07.07.2020

The bodies wouldn't sink...Our first episode features a complete short story by Crystal Brinkerhoff. At the time of recording, Tethered is not only one of our Noteworthy ...more ...