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Everything happens for a reason...

By Ella Zundel

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It had rained all day, but now, the sky was clearing and the sun shone away all the gloominess and dark clouds that had clotted the sky.

I lowered my umbrella and raised my face to the beautiful unending blue above, soaking up the warm sunshine and fresh, rain-scented air. I even went as far as taking off my rain jacket though the air was still chilly.

"Isn't it amazing? How the dark can be chased away so fast by just a single ray of sun?" A voice sounded behind me. I whirled around to find a little girl, about nine, just seven years younger than me. She wore a bright yellow rain jacket, and her blonde hair was pulled back into a high ponytail.

Her cheeks were pink and rosy, and her smile was the brightest thing, besides the sun, that I had seen all day.

"Oh, hello!" I responded. "What's your name?" I asked kindly.

"Pain can be washed away with even one word, Genevieve." She said brightly.

I was startled at the mention of my name. "How do you-?"

"Roses can be any shade, but are more beautiful when white, so clean and pure, don't you think?" The girl stepped closer to me. "I'm Rose. But you already knew that, or you will."

"I'm sorry," I said, confused, "What do you-?" I was interrupted as someone bumped into me, and I swiveled around. "Watch where you're going!" I said with annoyance. I turned once again towards Rose, only to find she had just... disappeared.

"Rose?" I called out, looking for the yellow jacket but it seemed I had lost her in the sea of people swarming to get places.

I stood there on the side walk, still as a statue. My head whirling, thinking of what she had told me...

"Pain can be washed away with even one word, Genevieve."

Six years later, I had forgotten all about Rose... until I gave birth to my first child, a beautiful baby girl with rosy cheeks and blonde hair. I named her Rose because of her rosy complexion... Only then did I remember her mysterious words, "But you already knew that... or you will."

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About Ella Zundel

Ella Zundel started writing at the age of 7, and started reading much before then. Even today, she's more of a reader than a writer when it comes to finishing anything, but that doesn't stop her from coming up with even more stories she won't be able to finish.
She progressed in the work of words and is still coming up with ideas today, getting inspiration from numerous things like her friends, staying up late in the rain, looking at pictures online, dreams,sitting and staring into space, and, yes, pasta.
She lives in Missouri with her family, 4 murderous cats, 3 dogs, and a bunch of good-for-nothing chickens, who she talks to whenever she's sad.

Find her on Allpoetry, Goodreads, and email her any questions!

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