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By Ella Zundel

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That was what greeted me when I tried to save the world from its own deceptive self. I was tasked with being the savior of the realm that was doomed. And I was not able to save it from itself.

Humans and their selfish, greedy ways became the downfall of what they called home, and my help, whether wanted or not, was all in vain.

They called me, Conqueror, a man looked up to for all of my twenty-seven years. They watched me on all of my worthless journeys through realm after realm, kissing the ground I walked on in cities, and villages, and even kingdoms. The people loved me, and hated me, and when I failed to save them, they made me fade away into a history never recorded.

As I fought against the evil that mortals themselves had created... an army of wicked men, dressed in dark armour and shouting omens and curses that could sting your ears, I was expected to defeat the thousands that stood in my path; a path I had not chosen for myself, but had been decided for me since the first day I breathed air.

But I failed. Cut down by blades, and arrows, and words themselves. Cast to the ground to be trampled on by the feet of the enemy I could not defeat. Left alone, to die alone, with no one there to tell me to let go, no one to hold my hand, no one to love me beyond the worshiping I’d received by people who simply saw me as a product.

I realized in that moment, that I’d never learned to love someone in all of my life time. I’d never learned to be loved.

In that moment, I knew I’d failed in more ways than just one. I’d never stopped to live my life, and I had failed to fulfil anything, because I’d never had the chance to feel.

As I drew my last breath, I recalled every moment of my childhood, my teenage years, and my adult ones; and as I blew the air out of my body, I let my emotions: sadness, anger, regret, pain, confusion; I let it all leave with my soul, left to dance to the sky, breaking the clouds apart, and embarking on a journey I’d never thought I’d go on. A journey I hoped would give me more than my mortal life ever had.

A journey into a new life, with new possibilities, new dreams, new hopes… new names. Names that don’t drag you down, and make you be something you know you are not, or can ever hope to be.

A journey that doesn’t end.

But if you think about it, nothing truly ends.

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About Ella Zundel

Ella Zundel started writing at the age of 7, and started reading much before then. Even today, she's more of a reader than a writer when it comes to finishing anything, but that doesn't stop her from coming up with even more stories she won't be able to finish.
She progressed in the work of words and is still coming up with ideas today, getting inspiration from numerous things like her friends, staying up late in the rain, looking at pictures online, dreams,sitting and staring into space, and, yes, pasta.
She lives in Missouri with her family, 4 murderous cats, 3 dogs, and a bunch of good-for-nothing chickens, who she talks to whenever she's sad.

Find her on Allpoetry, Goodreads, and email her any questions!

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