Community Standards

At, we believe in helping you share your highest quality work with readers who are eager to read it. We recognize that "highest quality" is a subjective term, so in order to serve a wide readership, our community standards reflect what we expect of entries posted on Please review our community standards before determining if is a good fit for your work.

Is that your final draft?

No one wants to stumble through a piece riddled with typos and egregious technical errors. Please make sure to carefully review your work for errors before posting it. Better yet, have that grammar-phile friend of yours take a look at it. And if English isn't your native language, consider having a native speaker review it for you before sharing it with the world.

What the ****?

In an effort to keep appropriate for a wide range of ages, we ask that you refrain from posting selections filled with profanity and crude language. If it wouldn't make it into a movie rated PG/PG-13, it doesn't belong on Similarly, we request that you avoid bigoted, misogynistic, or other hate-filled speech.

Sexuality, violence, and other sensitive themes

We applaud the thoughtful treatment of sensitive issues, while recognizing that readers have various levels of tolerance for how such issues are portrayed. To keep a safe place for readers to discover new writers, we request that you do not post selections which include graphic sex, violence, or other potentially offensive content.

What if your work violates the community standards?

We are glad you posted on and want to help you market less and write more. But if your entry violates the community standards, we'll let you know and take it down. If you'd like to republish it (cleaned up), you're more than welcome to. If it simply cannot be edited to fit within the standards, perhaps we're not a good fit.

Please contact Caren via email with any questions, concerns, or comments.