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Passion's Pathway

Life continues to find fulfillment

By Bill Joyce

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Chapter 01 – A Peaceful Life

My daily routine has become a natural progression of peaceful days. It is an enjoyment I never expected but I daily rejoice in its happenstance.

What the world sees each morning is a man shutting the main door to a three story mansion and, with walking stick in hand, descending the steps to the flower-lined pathway leading to the boulevard Del Santos which gradually wanders down to the sea and the docks filled with merchant vessels.

Directly across from the busy piers, where the boulevard gives way to the industry of shipping, stands a long row of warehouses. The third one in from the boulevard has a windowed front that provides a view of a tired old office with a simple desk and a well-worn office chair. The rest of the unadorned room holds wooden crates of different sizes to help shippers decide how their cargo will travel. It is my office and the destination of my morning’s journey.

Each morning I arrive promptly at eight and after a full day of phone calls, I leave and hurry back up the boulevard promptly at three, my workday completed. Entering the main door I once again embrace the joy I found in the jungle doing the chores of another life I once lived.

Of Boys and Adventure

The youth of the neighborhood race around the docks looking at the marvelous display of interesting people traveling from the furthest parts of the world and they are bitten by the desire for adventure. I remember the feeling from my youth and I remember the US Navy recruiter who painted a picture of excitement placing me in its scene. He did not lie and I did find all the excitement he foretold and much more. I had eight years in the service and eight more as a mercenary. I’ve seen adventure.

Two young men, prodding each other finally open the door and strut into my office.

“Why do you sit here all day when you can be out there riding the waves and finding adventure?” He stood tall in his youth, still needing some definition to his muscled body but filled with an attitude of action.

“Do you really want to know about adventure?” I set down the paper I was reading and looked at the two boys. “Or do you want to know what true happiness is?”

The other boy spoke up. “Both!”

“Then let me tell you a story …”

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Bill is a writer of prose, a poet in his own mind, and self-proclaimed master of words. Long-windedness is due the personal enjoyment of his inside jokes, most of which fall on deaf ears. He calls himself an Author.

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