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Share first chapters

Give the reader a taste of your book and get exposure to a larger audience.

Readers take action

Readers can:

  • Buy your work on Amazon
  • Follow you on social or join your email list
  • Up-vote your work

Get exposure

Get discovered by more readers as others up-vote work or share your chapter on social media.

We promotion

By running ads to the best work on Verso.ink, we expose your work to a larger audience while you focus on writing.

Grow your audience

Short and sweet

Authors post first chapters, short stories, flash fiction, and writing prompts.

Popular demand

Readers up-vote their favorites; the best stuff floats to the top, accelerating organic sharing.

Find the gems

Industry pro moderators highlight and boost hidden gems.

Shorts and samples

Simplify marketing by pointing your readers to your work on Verso.ink and let it speak for itself.

Novel marketplace

Combining your work with other authors' work lifts everyone, increases your visibility, and exposes your work to a new audience—far more effectively than going it alone.

Encouraged to buy

Providing free samples is a proven technique to increase sales. Verso.ink is designed to gently move readers to click through to Amazon and buy.

Focus on your craft.

Verso.ink doesn't allow cover images for posts (your cover will appear on Amazon links). That means a level playing field, less futzing with non-writing activities, and (wait for it) more writing.

Quality reading

Beautiful typography, subtle design, and no ads to distract readers—all designed to improve the readers' experience and give them a positive impression of your work.

You're in control

You (or your publisher) retains control over the copyright and can publish and un-publish whenever you want.

Just share your work.

Verso.ink is designed to make building your audience less tedious, less painful, and less time-intensive. It's not a silver bullet and doesn't entirely remove the burden of marketing. But rather than painful promotion, you simply share your work and encourage your network to up-vote your stuff. If it resonates with readers, the site is designed to move them unobtrusively to Amazon. Or, if they're not ready to buy, to follow you on your preferred social channel and/or email list.

Accelerate what works

Once your work starts getting up-votes, shares, and sales you know you're onto something. At that point it makes sense to start running ads and investing a little more money.

Excitement around your work is ... exciting

When your work resonates with your audience, that energy comes back to you and you get fired up as well. Verso.ink helps you see what's working faster so you can focus on what's working.

You write, readers vote, we promote.


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✅ Link to your work on Amazon
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