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The State of Dreaming

By Ana Lesue

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Present Day America

I was parked in front of my boyfriend... my ex-boyfriend’s house.

How could you?

Tears slipped down my cheeks as I stuck the key in the ignition and sat there. I had gone to his house so that he could take a look at my car. It had been making noises again.

Tristam knew his way around cars and could tell me what was wrong with it. Only instead of inviting me in like he usually would, he told me as soon as I arrived. He told me everything wrong with me. It seems he forgot about checking my car.

You’re...breaking up with me? Who can I trust now? Who do I have left?

Soon, heartache turned to anger. With each hot tear, my reason began to crumble. Did I need him? Yes. No, I didn’t! I started the engine and sped towards my home. The noises started again. Maybe my dad could figure it out instead.

Focus on driving, focus on driving, focus on driving! No matter how hard I tried, thoughts of inadequacy still crept into my mind. The tears flowed freely now, obscuring my vision.

Change myself? Am I not good enough?

It was at that moment that my life would change forever.

I was slowing down in front of a fork in the road when the brake flattened against the bottom of the car and the damper it put on the speed released with a jerk. I pumped the pedal repeatedly.

My car did not stop.

I swerved to the right, but I was going too fast and I flipped.

Powder from the airbag surrounded me, broken glass and metal pierced my face, and the scent of blood dulled my senses.

A black cloud fell over my body and my eyes closed.

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Ana is just an nineteen year old girl who has her head in the clouds and her heart in her words. She enjoys listening to k-pop and alternative pop/rock music, watching movies, and laughing at funny memes with her family and friends.

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