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Great news! For a limited time, we're offering free advertising for authors on

Reach hundreds of readers a day with your book with an ad that appears on all entries.

Why is it free? We want to get a sense of what is working and what's not with authors, so we're hoping you will provide feedback on the process. In the future, we hope to use advertising as a monetization tool so we can keep the lights on.

What's the catch?

How do I know if it's working? Metrics, at the moment, are limited, but we'll do our best to keep you informed on how your ad is performing.

Is there a limit to how many ads I can run? Yes, for now we'll limit it to one per author. If you want to run more, email me ( and we can work something out.

How big is the ad? It's a standard billboard size, which is 970px × 250px.

How often will it show? It will be randomized per page load, on rotation with the other advertisers.

Do I have to design it myself? No. If design isn't you forte, email me ( and I'm happy to put something together for a minimal cost of $20.

Ready to get started? Fill out the form below!

Upload your ad here. Your ad should be 970px × 250px in jpg or png format. Please ensure the file size is under 1mb.
Where do you want the reader to go? Include the full url, including https://