Verso.ink was started by husband and wife team, Andrew and Caren Hahn.
As a custom website designer, Andrew has decades of experience helping business authors and influencers promote their messages to the world. Over the years, he's discovered that fiction authors have similar needs—to break through the noise to get their work into the hands of those who love it. But with fewer resources, it can be a challenge to present themselves professionally. His full-time business is building websites at circa42.

Caren is a writer and avid reader who has faced the gatekeepers of traditional publishing and wondered, "Is there a better way?" With publishers driven by market trends and concerns about the bottom line, there's a lot of great work out there struggling to get noticed.

Verso.ink leverages the power of online community to bring the best emerging fiction to discerning readers. Through a curated system that enforces community standards, a democratic voting process to upvote favorites, and an editorial review that promotes the most notable work, readers are better able to find something they love. At the same time, authors increase their readership and expand their reach so that they can worry less about marketing and more about doing what they do best; writing!

Verso.ink is growing all the time and we have many more features we'd like to add. Join our community today and be a part of this exciting movement!